No Water For the Desert is the story of a young woman struggling with her traumatic childhood. Her family members continue to hurt her to the point of betrayal. Ultimately she has to decide if she wants to break free and become the woman she wants to be. 

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No Water For The Desert by Brittany Buckner @eviainez is fantastic! I read it straight through without putting it down. I love Grace & would read a sequel in a heartbeat. The writing is so beautiful & effortless. I’m envious! Read it!


This new novel by Brittany Buckner (@eviainez) is a moving & intimate look at surviving childhood trauma & forging a new life. Enjoyed cheering Grace on as she discovers new doors opening as old ones close. Inspiring & heartfelt - @whistberry

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  • No Water for the Desert is a must-read!  When I began reading this novel I found it hard to put down as I was drawn in by the experiences of the main character, Grace. This novel is very engaging and takes the readers on a journey as Grace encounters multiple situations that are life-changing.  Grace is a relatable character and navigates various obstacles and relationships with family members and friends.  I completed the book being able to both sympathize and empathize with Grace.  I can easily see this novel as the beginning of a series.
    - LaTasha Fields, Teacher, Milwaukee Public Schools

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  • No Water For the Desert is about 19-year-old Grace whose life, well… sucks. Her mother regularly hurls insults at her. She can't get over her gay ex-lover. But worst of all, she is riddled with guilt and shame from being raped at age eleven. Grace devises a plan to fix her life: she leaves her home town Milwaukee to live with her favorite, well-to-do aunt and uncle in the Californian Desert. Things start off well as Grace settles into her new home and community college. But little by little things sour between Grace and her aunt. Where they used to have so much in common, they now don't. Grace begins to resent her aunt's shallow expectations, e.g., how much weight to lose and concealer to apply, what kind of man to marry. Grace finds reprieve in her new and only friend, free spirited Gaycela, an amateur porn star. Even still, Grace's troubles compound, causing her to rethink her entire life. What will it take for Grace to take control over her life? Can she find the courage? 

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